The Gamboa Thing Almost Ended In Tragedy

I spent more than 3 hours with Gamboa the night before his fight in Las Vegas against the Mexican Robinson Castellano.

First, I spent almost an hour in his suite at the MGM where we talked about his times at the Finca and his beginnings in Equipo Cuba. Around 8:00 pm when I was about to leave he got hungry and together with his representative and wife we ​​drove to a Mexican restaurant that was a few blocks from the hotel where Gamboa ordered a plate of beans and white rice. As far as I can remember that was the only thing he ate at least in front of me.

At the restaurant we briefly talked about their fight the next day, about Golden Boy’s plans, and as always about his children. We arrived at the Hotel around 9:30 pm and without even entering it I said goodbye to GAmboa wishing him the best in the world the next day in his fight. I knew that the next day we would have very little time to talk since fight days are usually the busiest for me broadcasting live and commenting with people on the Page.

You will ask yourselves. And what is this story about?

Waiting for her car in the valet parkin to go to dinner

The answer is simple. Despite having spent a long time talking with Yuri, even having portrayed myself with him while we waited for his car in the MGM Valet Parking I never noticed in the least any scar on his face.

The conversation about his accident in Cuba never came to light since I had understood months of it had passed. I had found out about it weeks before and not from Gamboa. And as far as I knew it was nothing to write home about.

I never noticed the scratch on his forehead and if I did maybe I passed it as a mark that he had received during some sparring in Miami.
When the unexpected happened the next day after their fight it never crossed my mind that that accident perhaps had something to do with such poor results from the Guantanamo Cyclone. Just like you I quickly put the responsibility to the lack of good training.

But for me surprises a collaborator of the Page whom I cannot mention by name sends me these photos. Photos that were taken months before their fight in Las Vegas.

Yuriorkis Gamboa accident in Cuba.

Neither my source nor I know for sure when the accident happened. But according to external sources, they tell us it happened in December 2016. What we do know is that Yuriorkis Gamboa had an accident while in Cuba while driving his rental car. The photos here prostrate are the only ones we have of that almost tragic event where one of the most beloved Cuban boxers of all time was affected just a few months after his second fight under Golden Boy Promotions.
As a fan and friend of Gamboa I would like to think, albeit wrongly, that it was this accident that was responsible for the bad results. The evidence shows the opposite, but even so, we cannot deny that receiving a nine-point wound in your right eye days after your fight where by the way you were hit in the same place and lying down, perhaps give us some answer to reason why Yuri looked so bad.

Yuriorkis Gamboa accident in Cuba.

There is no doubt that the champion was left owing to the people and everything seems to indicate that he will try to pay what he owes in August when he returns on ESPN. And when these photos are published exclusively here, perhaps they serve as an excuse at the same time they leave us with doubts… .. Will the Champion be recovered? Why didn’t you comment on it?
The answers to these questions can only be given by him. If he is recovered or not we will see him in his next fight and why he did not say anything I can only imagine.
After so long inactive and with the opportunity to fight for a title to win the agreed fight, the last thing he could say to Oscar de la Hoya was that he had been in an accident in Cuba weeks before his fight.

And what do you think? Could the accident have affected you to such an extent that you did not allow yourself to prepare enough?

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